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Sleep Medicine

Beds/Pillows & Accessories

Explore versatile comfort within our collection, featuring a range of options to enhance your sleep experience.

Transform your sleep space with our beds, pillows, and accessories, offering Full Electric and Semi-Electric beds for customizable comfort. Explore a variety of accessories, from the innovative APP Overlay System to the practical Bed Assist Bar and Overbed Table. Our Pillows/Cushions collection provides targeted support with options like Bed Wedges, Flip Pillows, and specialty items such as the Kabooti series. Enhance your sleep experience with this comprehensive selection designed to prioritize your well-being.



  • Bed Full Electric
  • Bed Semi-Electric

Bed Accessories

  • APP Overlay System
  • Bed Assist Bar
  • Bed Extension Kit
  • Half Rails
  • Full Rails
  • Mattress Foam Premium
  • Overbed Table
  • SwivAssist Bar
  • Trapeze


  • Bed Wedge 24x24x7
  • Bed Wedge Folding 7″
  • Case, Flip Pillow
  • Case Swan Body Pillow
  • Flip Pillow
  • Head Positioner 7″
  • Head Positioner 9″
  • Inflatable Comfort Wedge 7″
  • Kabooti
  • Kabooti Gel Pack
  • Kabooti Waterproof Cover
  • Kabooti XL 20″
  • Legacy Leg Pillow
  • Legacy Cool Gel Leg Pillow
  • Lumbar Kool Gel
  • Swan Body Pillow

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